Polaris Slingshot Adventures on Maui Hawaii

Experience the Thrill of the Latest 3-Wheel Car

The Maui slingshot is an exciting addition to the range of innovative licensed vehicles available to tour the region. The Hawaiian slingshot has fast become the most sought after motor rental and requires a standard vehicle license to drive. When planning travels to the tropical region, learn why the slingshot has become a popular, efficient and safe automobile to rent.

What is the Slingshot?

The Maui slingshot is a tricycle best described as a combination of a motorcycle and vehicle. It is an on-road automobile with an open air rooftop and can be driven without the use of a helmet. This autocycle is unique to Maui, Hawaii allowing drivers to explore the open road and towns in a powerful and efficient vehicle. Designed for comfort and pleasure, travelers can drive from one destination to the next in an exceptional mobile. The autocycle includes an open roof allowing for unobstructed views while on tour. The body is sure to impress with its futuristic and spider like exterior including powerful headlights and a solid consistency with all the necessary safety features. It includes a 2 seater and is a 3 wheel operation. Bucket style seats with contoured padding provide support for the target areas of your body. This style of support helps minimize discomfort and pressure when spending long hours traveling. Having received approval for legalized street driving, this 3 wheel kart has 4 cylinders and a 5 wheel trike producing an incredible 176 horsepower. Tough and durable wheels deliver improved stability and drive-train on many types of road surfaces. There is certainly no better way to explore the surrounds than with the slingshot. It is easy to park, simple to drive and provide sufficient power and control to get you to your destination safely and on time.

Slingshot Rental - Who We Are

Mauikart is a slingshot rental company based in Maui Hawaii. Services include the affordable and valuable rental of the popular autocycle, the slingshot. We provide the convenience of renting the modern vehicle for those who are visiting Maui on vacation. This includes the introduction of economical packages to rent the mobile and make your trip a unique and convenient one. We handle the entire process from start to finish. To rent the incredible slingshot rental solutions include a choice between the red kart and the white or blue kart. You can make a booking for your preferred vehicle online before landing in Maui. To secure your slingshot Hawaii visitors can simply check online and select the vehicle package most suited to holidaying and sightseeing needs. If you are looking to drive the slingshot Hawaii rental services are available to assist. Various rental packages are available depending on the type of vehicle selected and the duration for the lease. Services focus on providing all visitors an adventure of a lifetime in a truly unique, compact 3-wheeler. It has become the most exciting and rewarding experience for drivers and passengers. Our futuristic 3 roadsters deliver the most striking exploration of this tropical location.